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Can iceman tank an L3 against true strike node?

About to face a cable with true strike and want to know if I can push him to L3.


  • AfridAfrid Posts: 529 ★★
  • GarbagePandaGarbagePanda Posts: 46
    It worked when I did it on Cable in 5.4.6.
  • Eric1988Eric1988 Posts: 100
    Iceman (as long as ice armor is active) can push any enemie to sp3 and only take 5% total damage to your health bar. But for certain instances, such as pushing storm to sp3. You will take only 5% damage but you will still be shocked afterwards for the normal duration.
  • RicardobaltoRicardobalto Posts: 238
    He was wondering if the true strike ignores ice armor in war.
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