Alliance Quests - Map and Rewards Update (July 2018)


It’s time again for another refresh to Alliance Quests! While we’re still not ready for a complete refresh and a brand new season, we have some exciting new Map updates for earlier Maps, and are introducing our brand new Peak Milestones System, which promises to give Alliances more Glory and Rewards!

Map Changes:

The Map changes we are making this time are only for Maps 1-4, and are meant to help less experienced Summoners get more accustomed to Alliance Quests, and introduce them to new concepts, like Linked Nodes, earlier in their Alliance Quest careers. Without further ado…

Map 1:
We’re introducing a new Linked Node in Section 1 of Map 1. They won’t be very punishing, but we want to instill a little more teamwork into the Beginner Map, and align with other maps, in which we’re emphasizing playing from the inside out. We’ve also removed 2 Local Nodes from Section 1 of the Map.

Map 2:
For Map 2, we’ve significantly reduced the amount of Fights, cut down the total steps required to 100% Explore the Map, and have significantly reduced the number of Sentinel encounters! Don’t worry, the points awarded for Map 2 will still be the same, as the points for the remaining fights have been adjusted to compensate. We’ve also simplified the Linked Nodes to make them more difficulty appropriate.

Map 3:
Map 3 was an anomaly. The final section of Map 3 did not have any Linked Nodes, but plenty of Local Nodes. We’ve now switched this up so Map 3, Section 3 now features less Local Nodes, and a total of 17 Linked Nodes from 13 Fights. However, taking down those Linked Nodes now means you’ll face fewer Buffed Champions, and can make the final section of the map much less difficult with some teamwork. We’ve also removed 4 fights, and one entire path from Map 3, Section 1. Just like in Map 2, the points from those fights have been redistributed, so you won’t lose any points from this change.

Map 4:
Map 4 has also had a re-working of its Linked Nodes. The map also looks slightly different, but there is no change to the number of nodes or the number of fights - the changes are simply to assist in the visual clarity of the paths and Linked Nodes. Like other Maps, Linked Nodes in Map 4 have been rearranged to emphasize playing from the inside out, and some Buffs those Linked Nodes apply have been changed slightly.

Map 5:

A minor change to Minibosses on Map 5: We recently discovered that the 250% Champion boost was not giving a boost to the Champion’s Attack, but only to their health, so we’re replacing the 200% Health Boost and 250% Champion boost Buffs with a 450% Health Boost, to help us simplify. There shouldn’t be any noticeable difference in difficulty.

Additional Changes:
Hyperion in Maps 2 and 3 has been replaced by Angela
Hulkbuster in Maps 2 and 3 has been replaced by Civil Warrior
All Encounters are now visible in Maps 1-3!

Rewards Update

Peak Milestones

With the addition of the Peak Milestones System, we’re now able to make some meaningful changes to the Rewards, and rewards structure, of Alliance Quests. First, you’ll want to make sure you are familiar with the new Peak Milestones System. Take a look at this post here for more details.

Peak Milestones also allow us to do away with an old system that many of you have spoken up about in the past, brackets. As of July 7th, there will no longer be any Brackets for Alliance Quests. That means no more Promotion or Demotion, and more rewards every week from both Ranked Rewards and Peak Milestone Rewards!

With the addition of this new system, we’re also able to increase the rewards that you can receive. That’s right, that means more Rewards for all Milestone levels! Let’s break down the Milestones here:


Before Peak Milestones, if an Alliance was able to hit all of the Milestones (175,000,000), you would walk away with 2270 Glory. Now, for hitting 170,000,000, your Alliance will receive 3000 Glory!

To use an example from the Advanced bracket, if your Alliance hit the final Milestone of 20,000,000, you would receive 800 Glory, while an Alliance in the Expert tier would receive 950 Glory for that same score. Now, you’ll receive 1350 Glory for reaching 20,000,000, and don’t have to worry about brackets.

But that’s not all. We’ve also updated the Ranked Rewards:


NOTE: With the removal of Brackets, all Alliances will now have the same blackout period of 5 days for rewards.

Glory Store Update:

Now that you’re getting more Glory, you’ll need something to spend it on, so we’re giving the Glory Store a shakeup of its own! We’re reducing the cost on some more valuable items, and increasing the Purchase Limit on Tier 1 Alpha Catalysts and Tier 2 Alpha Catalyst Fragments!

Take a look at the new Glory Store Prices here:


Map 1 and 2 Conqueror Rewards:

We also took this time to swap out the Conqueror and Exploration rewards for Maps 1 and 2. This way, less experienced Alliances that are not able to fully explore the map can still reap the benefits of a map that has no resource cost to enter, but grants you Gold and Battlechips.

That’s a lot to take in, and we know you’ll have questions! Ask them over in our discussion thread here.

All of these changes will go live with the series of Alliance Quests that start on July 15th! We hope you’re all ready for it!
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