Restart this AQ session

Jac094Jac094 Posts: 198
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My alliance and i think many other got damaged by this long manteinance, considering that the aq session has just started, why not reset it and restart?


  • NDK13NDK13 Posts: 620 ★★
    Agreed wholeheartedly. Restart aq again. Not even half an hour timers will work.
  • Ron_HRon_H Posts: 64
    yep same here.. this greatly affected players in certain timezones. We have an Ausie bg that normally finishes the map around this time. they will be going to sleep in couple of hours and wont be able to complete map..even with 30 min timers.
  • DizoughDizough Posts: 17
    Well... my poor little alliance who literally decided to try map 5 this week and was hurting for donations we lose the map and the stuff to open map 5. :-(
  • BendyBendy Posts: 2,103 ★★★★
    Yeah I agree we need to restart aq 9 hours isn't long enough to finish when everyone is at section 1
  • StibbyStibby Posts: 1
    30 minute timers are nice but some of our guys live over seas and sleep so they put in work over night which they lost now and wont be able to help us so pretty much we are screwed thanks kabam
  • Cowboyschamploo1Cowboyschamploo1 Posts: 414 ★★★
    No worries mate 2 lvl 2 revives 2 phcs and a couple of gold crystals incoming for compensation
  • Kdog76Kdog76 Posts: 60
    Agreed. The first day is toast. Even with 30min timers we can’t finish with the time zone differences. I don’t think the game team realizes how much time was really lost. We have people in China, Singapore, Vietnam, UK, and all over the US. And we all have jobs.

    Need 1 min timers so we can just get it done if you aren’t restarting.
  • BluntMacheteBluntMachete Posts: 111
    The game has been working as intended. Timers cut in half is Kabam’s way of thanking you for your hard work.
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