OITC looking for 1 player with 4500+ Prestige. Last AQ rank 536 Starting Prestige 4676

Hi all,
OITC is looking for 1 player with prestige at least 4500 to replace a mate after the current AQ series.
We focus on AQ but we still do 3 AW per week just that we don't spend. Players are mostly from USA but around 7 of us are in Europe/Asia.
Alliance Prestige Day 1 AQ: 4676
Last AQ Score: 101 784 141 (536 Ranking in Expert Tier)
AQ Map 5 x 5. We are planning to do 1 Day of Map 6 soon.
Current AW Tier 2, AW Rating: 1764
Alliance Rating: 8.2 M
Alliance Tag: OITC
We use app "Slack" for communication

If interested to join let me know in game or line app with id: ranksz
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