Missing Alliance War rewards [Under Investigation]

Blayzen79Blayzen79 Posts: 11
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Anyone have this happen today... We completed a war but got nothing from itand it isnt in our history either
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  • PrathamPratham Posts: 6
    Same happened with our alliance
  • Blayzen79Blayzen79 Posts: 11
    @Kabam Miike or any moderator that can help
  • Metal8989Metal8989 Posts: 51
    We got the rewards no problem..
  • loader187loader187 Posts: 186 ★★
    No rewards from our last AW and nothing sitting in history showing we had a war
  • MjolinarMjolinar Posts: 139
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    Same for us. Finished the war just after midnight EST and haven’t received rewards, with nothing in the war history
  • JBauerJrJBauerJr Posts: 2
    We are in the same boat. We finished last night and still haven’t seen anything in our history or received anything.
  • Add my alliance to the list, we didn't get any rewards and nothing in war history
  • Dumal2015Dumal2015 Posts: 1
    Same with our alliance. We finished our war 8hrs ago and nothing shows. Its like never happened
  • NevvBNevvB Posts: 287
    Same issue here from our alliance. War was finished, no results, no history in war history tab.
  • My alliance finish a few hours ago and no rewards as yet
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    Hey all,
    We are looking into this. Thank you for your patience while we work to see what's going on.
  • Bryan03Bryan03 Posts: 16
    It’s now been over 12 hours since war has ended. No history showing.... no rewards.... no results. Sent in a ticket and was told that they war is still active it’s just a visual glitch???? I know when we started war! I’m disappointed to find yet another instance where the game is broken and support seems to be clueless and relays generic responses rather than making a concerned effort to assist with the problem. Communication and compassion would go a long way towards making things right.
  • allinashesallinashes Posts: 447 ★★
    Same. Submitted a ticket and will see what response I get.
  • bchim31bchim31 Posts: 1
    Same here..no reward and no history.
  • I am playing this game since last 3 years. But now I am loosing interest. So many bugs now. And no one there in Kabam to resolve all these issues. They have only one answer. "we are aware and we are looking for this issue. Thanks for your patience"

  • Bryan03Bryan03 Posts: 16
    Many alliances are frozen out of aq and it’s been over 12 hours since aw ended and no rewards. We already had issues finishing on day 1 aq because of our time zones (top 250 alliance no t4cc this week already because of the server outage) now more aq issues and aw as well. I’m getting very frustrated with the lack of a functioning game and the generic responses from the support team. This level of service is simply unacceptable! Please help
  • ChampioncriticChampioncritic Posts: 2,579 ★★★★
    i'm really hoping they only froze AQ to prepare for the 19.0 update
  • volcoff66volcoff66 Posts: 9
    Same here
  • On July 2,2018 my alliance finished war but got no rewards and the war didn't even show up in history. Anyone have any suggestions what to do?
  • Same here we got no rewards and the war didn't show up in history
  • MjolinarMjolinar Posts: 139
    Can we please get an update on this issue?
  • NevvBNevvB Posts: 287
    Updated my game and rewards are in.
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