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New 19.0 update phone problems [Merged Threads]



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    brok3nbrok3n Posts: 8
    This reminds me of 12.0 but worst. i'd almost welcome 12.0 issues over this.
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    OmniOmni Posts: 574 ★★★
    Unfortunately add me to the list now too..

    iPhone X
    iOS: 11.4
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    tonyj007tonyj007 Posts: 276
    brok3n wrote: »
    This reminds me of 12.0 but worst. i'd almost welcome 12.0 issues over this.

    You were here for 12 0 and only 3rd post, i have been in the game for a few years, but I just find over the past 2 Month , I Spend more Time here then playing the game .

    Things got to be bad for your 3rd post

    Guys and Girls

    We Need a Update from kabam

    Please add comments
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    mmontisanommontisano Posts: 13
    my phone now heats up while charging. thanks a lot Kabam. not doing anything else with it. just while charging only. so infuriating.
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    Darth1Darth1 Posts: 1
    iPhone 7 Plus
    IOS 11.4

    My phone has been overheating and crashing on me. It has crashed on me 4 times. The only way to avoid crashing Would be stop playing if I feel my phone is getting hot. So far I have been able to avoid crashing by closing the game. I was able to play for 15 minutes before My phone started getting hot. Then it went to 10 minutes and then to 5 minutes. I am now at the point where my phone will start getting hot on the loading screen. The game is unplayable now. I don’t even want to open the game because I’m afraid of damaging my phone. For all I know my phone could already be damaged because of it.

    Fix this!

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    4 days in and still nothing, like who is trying to fix this @Kabam Miike plumbers?

    You guys are amateurs and it’s like someone gifted you the company and now you are setting it on fire.

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    iPhone 6s+

    Phone overheating and lagging after 5 mins of gameplay.
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    igotgame1075igotgame1075 Posts: 49
    Take a look at the rating and review of the latest version of the game in Apple App Store. It is literally littered with 1 star ratings about how bad it’s locking up people’s devices; iPad and iPhone both.
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    AncientrelicAncientrelic Posts: 34
    edited July 2018
    iPhone 6s
    iOS 11.4
    WiFi and cellular

    Experiencing extreme over heating only while playing mcoc and considerable battery consumption when compared to pre 19.0 update
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    adknight27adknight27 Posts: 45
    iOS 11.4 iPhone 7 WiFi and 4/3G

    - Phone randomly resets
    - Overheating
    - Phone freezes
    - Buttons become unresponsive

    I try many different things when these problems occur (reset phone/reset apps) and yes this ONLY started to happen since the 19.0 update, my phone was fine with no problems before.
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    brok3nbrok3n Posts: 8
    no one works during the weekend?
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    SandPounderSandPounder Posts: 349 ★★★
    Mods, hopefully the overheat problem has a higher priority than the AQ issue.
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    BeansieBeansie Posts: 1
    I assume the model has been noted already, but my device is:
    Samsung 7edge (g935)
    Android 8.0
    Issues occur on both wifi and cellular network.

    Issues: Extreme overheating, leading to phone shutdown. Battery discharges very fast (phone has a new battery installed 3 weeks ago). Lag issues are to the extent of just freeze frames on the screen at times.
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    Zer0bitsZer0bits Posts: 104
    So I’m on iOS 12 beta 2 iphone 7+ definitely runs cooler, still experience lag/stutter and parries/evades that don’t register. Had 1 black screen crash so far (phone wasn’t even that hot) but that’s better than it was on 11.4

    I suspect that the processor throttling when it’s being overworked is just better on the beta which would explain why it doesn’t get as hot, but still experiences the issues, just not as often.
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    Y0shY0sh Posts: 27
    Take a look at the rating and review of the latest version of the game in Apple App Store. It is literally littered with 1 star ratings about how bad it’s locking up people’s devices; iPad and iPhone both.

    Make sure to hit the App Store and add to those 1 star ratings then. They can’t just ignore this thread and hope it goes away.
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    BigDaddyJoeBigDaddyJoe Posts: 357 ★★
    edited July 2018
    Take a look at the rating and review of the latest version of the game in Apple App Store. It is literally littered with 1 star ratings about how bad it’s locking up people’s devices; iPad and iPhone both.

    Bad thing is, once a new version is released it’s kinda reset if I’m not mistaken
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    Vdh2008Vdh2008 Posts: 966 ★★★★
    Come on Kabam... 40 pages of people having the SAME issue and you can’t find a fix?

    Hundreds of your community can’t participate in new events and quests and arenas and it’s been 3 days.

    Issue a statement and warning so players don’t ruin there devices. Put in game stuff on hold until this is worked out. EVERYONE on iOS 11.4 or older is not able to play this game at the moment. Fix your app guys.

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    I just got my S9 and the pic I posted is the same thing I get no matter what I click on. I have no issue exiting the game but I am not going to play as long as there's a threat with over heating.
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    tonyj007tonyj007 Posts: 276
    info . there is a new issue ALLIANCE QUEST BRACKET WRONG, now this problem is for members that can access the game and use boosters. I am not sure if we will get another update for overheating soon

    O well , can't expect problems or fault to be fixed soon - just too many bug, failed patch 19.0 causing problems for members with overheating. it was suggested that members should iOS 12. to log on game to play

    we received a request from

    Kabam Miike wrote: »
    Alright Summoners!

    We're in need of your help! We're looking for a fairly Tech Savvy player that is seeing this occur often/can reproduce this easily, that planned on updating to the iOS 12 Beta, or is willing to update to the Beta to help us test some things out. We'll need to make sure that you are able to back up your device as is, and are able to revert if the Beta causes unintended interactions with the game or other parts of your phone.

    Members continue to help to stop overheating on devices by sending any information

    During day new and older members reporting devices overheating

    I suppose i should expect no help or response this is (4th July bonus) weekend , only security working this weekend sending out pre formatted emails or messages thats says

    problem Under investigation

    Kablam we do need a update - Ask Mike

    All members send comments please

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    ctp1223ctp1223 Posts: 290
    I am on the iOS 12 beta on a 6s and I am still experiencing the overheating issue.
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    crea7orcrea7or Posts: 12
    All my friends on ios devices having the same problems. This is not an isolated case. Even there is no 100k reports, that doesn't mean their devices are okay. Not all players join this forum.
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    RebelCazRebelCaz Posts: 24
    iPhone user.
    iOS 11.4
    iPhone 7

    My phone locks up freezes and becomes unresponsive. In game it restarts my phone completely. Phone is very hot and my battery is being drained at an alarming rate. When plugged in I can’t even fight because the controls are so out of whack.
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    MatthyMatthy Posts: 3
    edited July 2018
    Pls fix the issue where you play for about 5 minutes and u have to stop because of your is overheating like crazy and u have to turn it off!!........
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    Priest64Priest64 Posts: 56
    This problem happens on Android also! The phone gets hot, and when the phone is hot? The game freezes, and lag like crazy! Ever since the 19.0 update this problem is something that I cannot ignore anymore! I'm not here to bash KABAM, but I really want a solution to this. Do I have to get a newer phone just to play a game I love? My phone is fairly recent, but some would call it old!

    Device model: ZTE Blade Max Z
    WiFi and Mobile Network.
    Android 7.1.1

    I really you guys are working on a patch to fix this, or do I need to get a new phone?
    Also, does DRAM memory have anything to do with how the game lags?? And what would be your minimum specs for DRAM memory for to play your game?

    Thank you,

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    Same overheat problem that started with update. Mine is actually crashing my phone and causing it to shut the game down and return me to lock screen.

    iPhone 6s
    iOS 11.4
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