New Ant-Man

So I've been waiting very patiently for the new Ant-Man movie, and I've been hoping for a new Ant-Man to come out with it. The game already missed out on a very nice Ant-Man costume with the release of Civil War, who's Ant-Man costume (In my opinion), was a whole lot better than the original in terms of smoothness and whatever. I was disappointed, as a player who's been on and off for the past few years, that that costume didn't get introduced, but it was fine. Ant-Man didn't play any role bigger in that movie than Hawkeye. But you'd think, with the new Ant-Man, the main hero would get a new costume. Ant-Man was one of my original 4*'s, and I thought, as a fighter, he was extremely underwhelming.

Not putting this in the champ wishlist as it isn't really a serious request, Ghost and Wasp are already great additions. I just want to see one of my favorite MU characters to get a cooler, stronger reskin.

On a side note, there are some characters I want from Infinity War that haven't been put in the game. Some aren't necessarily even worth considering, due to the fact that they are just my silly wishes, but some are, and should be in. As not to spoil the movie for those who haven't watched it yet, I just wanted to point this out. Some of the characters I want have been requested by others before me as well, and have been desired since the movie's release (or a day or so after, at the latest).
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