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Missing gold pool crystals

I had a few dozen gold pool crystals in my crystal stash, waiting to eventually be opened. After today's update they are no longer there, and now I have a stash of greater gold crystals I did not purchase. The crystals I purchased had a stated chance at receiving a 5* hero, and no where (that I can find) was it stated the crystals themselves would expire. I'm assuming this is a bug. Is anyone else experiencing this?


  • Jtegg007Jtegg007 Posts: 29
    Support is telling me the mail from dead pool was to inform players they would be replaced. I'm arguing with them that the mail only stated they would no longer be available and a new crystal would be. It didn't say that crystals you owned would be replaced.
  • GalloFenixGalloFenix Posts: 15
    So no hope of getting our crystals? 800 units down the drain.
  • Jtegg007Jtegg007 Posts: 29
    Has Mcoc done this before? Switch crystals after they're in your inventory?
  • Jtegg007Jtegg007 Posts: 29
    From support-
    "It was not directly stated that we will convert the Goldpool Crystals to Greater Golden Crystal ***BUT*** that is the meaning of the statement I highlighted below:

    "Pools Gold Crystal may have to come with me, I've decided to leave behind something as good as gold! Because it is Gold. It's the Greater Golden Crystal!"

    Be assured that you were notified regarding this matter."

    Effectively, "you should have known without us having to tell you." Thanks Kabam.
  • Jtegg007Jtegg007 Posts: 29
    1000 units down the drain
  • Icecold2099Icecold2099 Posts: 577 ★★★
    You don't lose any units. The greater golden crystals have the same amout of gold as the goldpool crystals.

    Arena is gone so golden tickets are pointless now.
    If you wanted goldpool, you should have opened crystals before they expired as there was a countdown on them.

    At least you can still open them with the chance to get the same amount of gold.
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