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Is Hulk Ragnarok better than Luke Cage?

I have a 5* unduped Luke Cage r3. I was planing ranking him up to 4/55 and just got the last t4cc, but it happened that now I have a Hulk Ragnarok 5* also unduped. I can take just one of them to rank 4. What are your thoughts about it?

To be honest, if I take Hulk Ragnarok to 3/45, I'll have to wait a little bit for t4cc. But if he is way better than Luke Cage, I can wait.

My only 5* 4/55 is Magik so far. I also have unduped 5* Hyperion r3/45 and unduped 5* Medusa r2/35 (that I could keep t2a for). And 4* MODOK and 4* VOID both awaken at 4/40 that I could use the t4cc.

Is Hulk Ragnarok better than Luke Cage? 18 votes

Rank LUKE CAGE to 4/55.
thetaman23My_Superior 2 votes
Rank HULK RAGNAROK to 3/45 and after to 4/55.
fish8sixAb_SamadSavio444Hunter44issamaf80BahamutAspareshadow_lurker22vranavadiaNewYorkSmittyJustcause102TheSpicyKnight 12 votes
Wait to rank HYPERION to 4/55.
MityAntAantho 2 votes
Wait to rank MEDUSA to 3/45 and after to 4/55.
GamerNoob2435 2 votes
Rank 4* VOID or MODOK to 5/50.
Wait for better options (name them, please).


  • Stark78AlfaStark78Alfa Posts: 502
    I'm eager to read your opinion.
  • shadow_lurker22shadow_lurker22 Posts: 3,243 ★★★★★
    Rank HULK RAGNAROK to 3/45 and after to 4/55.
    Luke Cage is a pretty good champ but hulk rags is far better
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