PSA: r2 5* team not safe from death squad in t4b arena

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Ive seen posts about how r1 5*/r3 3* arent safe from death squads, well, apparently even r2 4* teams arent safe either

Ive used 5 sets of r2 5* teams for streak 16-20 for as long as i can remember, never going to r1 5* until 20+.

Guess Ill be restarting my streak and using my 5 r5 4* teams from 16-20 next time after i dont feel like throwing my phone. :pensive:


  • B_mikeB_mike Posts: 35
    don't play below 10k team
  • dkatryldkatryl Posts: 673 ★★★
    3x r2 5* is roughly 12k. Hence the part this has been safe as long as i can remember.
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    People's rosters are growing fast. The infinite streak is based on a formula based on those people's rosters. Now with the addition of the July 4th deals, whales have their 3rd 5/65 champ. Hence, the minimum required to maintain the infinite streak has raised as a result.
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    I get all of this. Just like most of the previous reports were concerning teams of r1 5* and/or r3 4* (CR 80)

    That is why i am reporting that even r2 5* teams (CR 90) with an average team pi of 12k arent safe in the 16-20 streak range.
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    dont worry about R2's and R1's, just stay above 12k total team rating until win streak 20.

    arena opponents are picked based on total team rating you bring in, never understood why ppl say used "5* 2 R2s + 1 R1's".
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    hope this helps, my 5* feat. arena strategy

    ascending order shown, streak bottom to top
  • DocMcShottieDocMcShottie Posts: 42
    I don't get it to be honest... I run my 1/25s in featured arena all the time, no death squads. I'm talking low PI champs too, MK, IP, HE, Rhino, etc. nothing... it baffles my mind, what am i doing wrong(or right)?
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