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This week at Kabam

M1MM1M Posts: 22
With some of the best offers presented on the Fourth of July, you would expect that the game would be in tip top shape to show off how amazing the game is as well as make it worth our while to open our wallets up.

This week has been the exact opposite.

First we start off with a long extended emergency maintenance.

New event quests are an exciting time. Post update, I was oooooing at how nice the intro artwork is... and then I couldn't get in to the game... during AW and AQ. Oh good, another mini maintenance.

Then I actually get to play the game... and my phone feels like the surface of the sun. Mid fight, my phone freezes and resets. Never happened before... not even once. I have had to put my phone in the freezer way too many times in order to prevent damage from occurring.

Yah! A new AQ! My alliance worked so hard last week despite multiple maintenance downtimes and we stayed in expert tier... only to be dropped down to normal tier for no reason. Those crystals are borderline worthless for the level we are currently at...

Listen, we understand that things happen sometimes. But how can we look at this week and reasonably open our wallets and give you money? It does not feel worth it at all and seems like a bad investment when the product is in such a bad state.

What is going on, Kabam? Can you understand why so many people wanted to take a hiatus this week? We are being presented with a flawed product over and over again.

We (most of us) love the game and just want it to work as normal.

What has to happen for this to occur? Please, we want to know.


  • Noob2435Noob2435 Posts: 627 ★★★
    I would love for them just to take the game down as long as needed and fix EVERYTHING
  • Kroden0517Kroden0517 Posts: 10
    I would love a straight honest answer to what is happening at Kabam. I’m a reasonable guy these issues are snowballing out of control.
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