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Event Quest break

M1MM1M Posts: 22
In the rush to push out new content, a lot of mishaps are occurring. While this new content may bring in new players, you are quickly alienating your dedicated players. While new event quests are fun, I'd like to suggest you skip a few weeks between this event quest and the next one and use that time to fix all the issues that are plaguing the game currently.

You know what would make the players truly happy? Just give us the gold realm and potion events for a bit. They are already designed, we know they work, and the players would love to be able to stock up on those items. During that time, there should not be any new issues occurring and you can clean up all the annoying bugs and glitches that are all over the game.

The only reason I am writing this right now instead of playing is because my phone won't stop overheating when I play more than 15 minutes of the game.

This cycle of new content being pushed out too quickly which adds to the growing list of issues has to stop. Taking steps to remedy these issues by pausing new content for a bit will not anger or alienate your players. In fact, it will do the opposite: show us that you are dedicated to making the game amazing, even if that means holding off on new content for a bit.

We want the game to be fantastic, we all do. What can we do to help make that happen?

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