Gwenpool or Blade. Best choice?

Got a 5* unawakened Blade at rank 2 and a 4* unawakened Gwenpool at rank 4.
Both are great but which one is the best choice to rank up to advance in MCOC?

Gwenpool or Blade. Best choice? 40 votes

Take 5* Blade to rank 3.
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Take 4* Gwenpool to rank 5.
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  • AsmodeyusAsmodeyus Posts: 218
    Take 5* Blade to rank 3.
    Blade has more raw damage than Gwenpool can reach comparing the two. Gwen has more utility, blade has sword in your face
  • AleorAleor Posts: 1,227 ★★★
    Take 5* Blade to rank 3.
    I personally like GP more, but Blade is 4*, so it's him for now. Also as both are not duped, they are pretty similar, but blade has some advantage with danger sense
  • TitoBandito187TitoBandito187 Posts: 551 ★★★
    Take 5* Blade to rank 3.
    5* all the way. I have 20x 5*... all trash. If only I had one worth taking up to r4. I got 10x t2a and no one to use it on. 5* are a better investment and would only do 4* if you have no 5s Worley here ranking up.
  • SnurrisSnurris Posts: 133
    Thanks for Your input!
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