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New minis way to hard or just me?

I don’t consider myself a scrub by any means nor anyone in my alliance but these new mini bosses are tearing us up. We just hit tier 3 also. Is anyone else struggling? I’m wonder if it’s not worth it to throw wars and play at lower levels for boss kills for more points because it doesn’t look like the alliance we’re fighting will drop a boss nor us.


  • JohndeeperJohndeeper Posts: 33
    We’re dropping everything in sight, tier 3 is way harder than tier 4. Tier 4 is pretty darn easy. Higher alliances will still 100%. Just have to bring counters
  • LittleYinYinLittleYinYin Posts: 69
    node 30 is terrible .
  • We’re just hitting brick walls on these new minis. We were so excited to hit tier 3 and now it’s like no thanks...
  • SixateSixate Posts: 62
    Welcome to the show..........sit back and take a big bite we all are.
  • Mobius360Mobius360 Posts: 69
    Fun and interactive

    You may just find playing in the upper tiers isn't what it's cracked up to be, although that's where the biggest rewards are.

    I suggest you play in an alliance where you can enjoy the game and not feel so stressed that you have to clear your lane at all costs. Everyone is different and has different expectations of a video game.
  • ArcDeAngelusArcDeAngelus Posts: 209
    In T2 here and take 30, it's not much with the right champ, though I've only used Sparky for it so far, which means the Aspects and Feats nodes may as well not be there. Bishop was pushed over, same with IMIW today, only lost once to a Domino but it was also my first AW fight against her. Going in with the right champs makes all the difference it seems. I may come across a different champ on it that changes my view, but with only 3 AWs with it so far it's simply a nice challenge.
  • BinawayawhileBinawayawhile Posts: 287
    When they give, they take more...........
  • Jkw634Jkw634 Posts: 284 ★★
    I really did not pay attention the first war. Cleared my lane 6. Last aw got stonewalled by that node 30 by an unduped Hyperion. I tried blade at first 5 star rank 4. Only took off 1 percent health in 1.5 min. Then went with my rank 5 5 star sparky only got off about 30 percent health in about another 1.5 min.
  • SperaSpera Posts: 152
    They are made to do 3 things I think
    No more easy paths ;all 30 members need to be skilled
    Force attacker diversity ;no more full trinity teams
    Increase item use for most of the player base
  • RasiloverRasilover Posts: 1,453 ★★★★
    Magik is insane on Node 30
    Not sure if the attack increases work with Limbo but i ended up taking 575 to 1,000 limbo damage
  • Zuko_ILCZuko_ILC Posts: 1,504 ★★★★★
    Hype on 30 is awesome lol. Not gonna spend on this game anymore.
  • Me either. Between my battery being screwed and the way war has turned into whale wars now I’ve contacted Apple about this game and my past purchased and requested refunds.
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