Looking for an alliance

Looking for an alliance, where everyone must pull their own weight, it doesn't matter if it is map 3 to map 5. Would be great if the war bracket is gold 3 or gold 2. I have a 500k account, I am far from being the best player, I will pull my own weight, i don't like working and seeing 0thers get free rewards. My last alliance I left because an officer sit in war and didn't do one fight, not just in one war but 3. My idea alliance would be running map 3 and gold 3 in war. I am not one of those people that live on the game, I am most active between 9pm and 3 am eastern time.


  • MaximumCrashMaximumCrash Posts: 111
    Do you have LIne?
  • Add me on line: bashbrother15 we do a mixture of map 3&5 everyone pulls there own weight
  • Gigonite69Gigonite69 Posts: 92
    Hey Tarzan, check us out. We are Gold 3, run AQ Maps 43333, and have a pretty good alliance where we don’t tolerate unreliable members or folks that don’t participate. Hit me up on line or in game at Gigonite69.
  • StauntonStaunton Posts: 1,524
    Howdy.. Tarzan, add me on line. My id is badboyboo. We run map3 and are Gold3/moving to gold2 season3. Everyone is active and its not too stressful. Thanks
  • StauntonStaunton Posts: 1,524
  • Aclark151Aclark151 Posts: 130
    Add me in Game Aclark151 let’s chat.
  • Andlow94Andlow94 Posts: 79
    Hey man! I have started a new semi-retired alliance for AW focused players with 5k prestige or higher! AQ map 3, NO donations.

    Our goal is to reach gold 1/plat3!
    Alliance tag: EWØTB

    Add me on line if interested: andlow1

  • ODuckODuck Posts: 5
    If you’re still looking we are a gold 3 alliance (borderline gold 2) that runs map 3 regularly. We are a little over a 6M alliance that uses the line app. We communicate a good deal and joke around quite often in the “main”chat. My in game name is Ryonis. If you’re interested add me
  • We too would love to get in touch with you. We were high Gold 2 last season and are hoping to Gold 1 this time. We run map 5 x 5 smoothly and have no drama. If you're interested, please contact Marstest through Line or in game.
  • FixitMobbFixitMobb Posts: 315
    Hey bud. You found us and we have found you. We are what you are looking for. Exactly what you are looking for and exactly what we are looking for. Our main motto here is “You don’t earn, you don’t eat.” Trust me. No other alliance better than us that does map 3-4 only. There are a couple others that I have seen on here that are just as good as us, and I consider those other couple alliances to be in a three way tie for first with us.

    No one else can offer you what we can. Thanks for your time.

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