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War Nerf

@Kabam Miike

In the time, when the game still the same (superblock or god tier heroes) kabam maked nerfed and changes.
Now, alliance war are very ridiculous! A lot of months whit "ONLY MYSTIC DEFENSE". We can use a VERY LITTLE ROOSTER OF HEROES thanks to mystic dispersion.
The result is very unfunny war and a lot of items and units "only for play" against mystical heroes whit mystic dispersion maxed.

Why you don't make nothing??? The trend still from a lot of months! When you change the things and we can use many plus heroes in defense and attack???

No the first time this thing showed at kabam. Why you don't make nothing???

Come back alliance war funny please! Is the time now!


  • AlexVanDamme81AlexVanDamme81 Posts: 83
    How much heroes in Mcoc??? Instead only 6/7 heroes in "all the defense of all the teams"! Thanks to mystic dispersion you are "obligated" to play attack only whit 5/6 heroes! Is a scandal!!

    @Kabam Miike i wait your answer!
  • ShrimkinsShrimkins Posts: 1,479 ★★★★
    HE, BW, CA, CAww2, quake, gp, GR, lady thor, storm, loki, electra, ronan, psylock, punisher, archangel, iceman, DV, dormammu, AV, magik, guillotine...

    I could keep going but there are plenty of champs to use on attack against MD.
  • AlexVanDamme81AlexVanDamme81 Posts: 83
    Only all the 5 stars R4 for his health. Like 4 stars you can use only Cap2Gm, Ghost Rider, Dr. Voodo, Ice Man, Archangel and Gwenpool.

    Black Widow? After nerf is useless. Lady Thor? Loki? Punisher? At how much level you play??? C'mon please!

    At rank war 1 after 2500 rating War the heros we can use are very small!
  • SpeedbumpSpeedbump Posts: 1,520 ★★★
    Sounds like to me there needs to be less QQ and more PEW PEW
  • AlexVanDamme81AlexVanDamme81 Posts: 83
    QQ = ?

    PEW PEW = ?
  • AlexVanDamme81AlexVanDamme81 Posts: 83
    @Kabam Miike wait an answer ☺️
  • AlexVanDamme81AlexVanDamme81 Posts: 83
    @Kabam Miike which plans for the future of alliance war? Kabam finally change something for this "scandalous" trend still run from months???
  • LocoMotivesLocoMotives Posts: 1,200 ★★★
    They don't generally respond to aggressive call outs.

    I do agree the pool of highly effective 4* champs for tier 1 wars is limited. Going up against tons of dorms and magiks gets exceedingly old after a bit. I'd like to see some refinement of war, though I haven't thought out what that could be. A good start would be to sever the tie between dexterity and mystic D, then we could go from there.
  • AlexVanDamme81AlexVanDamme81 Posts: 83
    Aggressive? I'm very calm. Just wanna know why when the game still the same Kabam make changes and now, whit boring and unfunny alliance wars, he don't make nothing for make better the experience of play. Is simply ridiculous we cannot use a lot of heroes but only a small part. Kabam always break the trends, repeat, like god tier or superblock. Why from a lot of months every war is determined to only a small part of heroes?

    Is a legit question and I'm a veteran player and I spend real money in this game.

    @Kabam Miike for a player honest like me nothing answer???
  • AlexVanDamme81AlexVanDamme81 Posts: 83
    @Kabam Miike no answer and no informations for us?
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