Why the game keep kicking out itself in battle so many times !?

Why the game keep kicking out itself in battle so many times !?
Either in arena nor in AQ, the game keep kicking out itself..
This is really annoying!
Did anyone felt this?
When this is gonna be fixed?


  • What is your device? And does this happen to you when any specific champion is about to appear on the screen?
  • Donal1981Donal1981 Posts: 39
    My device is samsung galaxy s. No any specific champion but it happen to all champs.
    Now the game keep restarting itself so many times in arena...
    Making me tired of this auto restarting game, so I stop grinding. No more restarting ****!
    Worst case is when in aq or aw battle, which cut the champ's health to half before fight!
    Sometimes the opponent , power meter bar and the health bar become invisible in arena...
    I also play other games and no prob. This never happen before, so this is must be caused by the mcoc latest update. This is so annoying.
    I hope Kabam read this and fix it.
    Thank you.
  • DaMunkDaMunk Posts: 1,876 ★★★★
    Yeah if you read the other forum threads, a lot of people are having problems with the last update. Android suffers less but are having problems regardless. For a lot of iOS people the game is absolutely unplayable right now.
  • Donal1981Donal1981 Posts: 39
    Maybe they should closed this game for a while untill it fixed.
    Wonder why they not test their game update on first hand before launch it?
    So there will be less people cursing for their latest bad update!
    It is happening with most of people including me.Crashing a lot .But sad news kabam never run beta test to improve Android.
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