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AQ brackets/error and compensation decisions...

Nick_Caine_32Nick_Caine_32 Posts: 587 ★★★★
I truly hope this isn’t deleted as I really want a moderator to give some transparent insight into this. We were told on July 7th after all the initial confusion (and after many many groups mistakenly launched map 2 who usually ran map 5) that “everyone is free to run through the current aq series if they so choose.” We spent 3 days asking for clarification about this matter and many groups had no idea if they were already so much lower they wouldn’t be able to recover, if they were running map 5/6 that they would be wasting resources, and all the people running map 2/3/4 were doing so thinking this week would be “free” as that was the word used in the post.

Today the thread was closed with a final message after much more discussion and a very large portion of the players affected negatively by this decision three days in to treat the week as normal, meaning all the groups who guessed wrong and ran lower maps would be subject to starting much lower than normal next week and in what would be effectively a lower “bracket” when AQ restarts. My biggest issue is the reason given that Kabam was standing by their decision was that the initial message was clear (to them). They now said “players are able to play through AQ as NORMAL if they choose to, and this was an accurate statement.”

No, it wasn’t. It’s literally different than your first statement. Had that initial statement actually said the word “NORMAL” in it, my group and I believe many others would then treat the week ahead AS NORMAL and they would play their usual maps. We’ve been running map 5 for two years straight now. We have never run map 2 that entire time. There is no reason for us to suddenly choose to unless we were led to believe we were free to run any map we wanted as kabam sorted the problem out they created on their end.

Honestly I feel deceived and I’m resllt upset that this statement blatantly changed the wording and made it seem like that was what they were saying all along. It wasn’t. There are hundreds of comments asking if that was what they meant, and no moderator responded until it was three map launches into the week. I feel this is blatantly disingenuous and the proof is still sitting for everyone to read on that thread. This also worries me for future issues and communication and transparency, when we are told something and then not even a week later it’s explained that their decision is now based on what they actually meant to say. And that wasn’t even what they admitted in this message, it basically states it like that was what they said all along. It’s one word different and that word is HUGE and would have gone a long way to clarify things.

I feel the compensation isn’t even the issue here, it’s having something not understood that your players are telling you. I would love some feedback from other players and would absolutely love an answer from the moderator who wrote the post, to explain why the two statements conflict with each other.
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