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Alliance quest rewards still not right

Just got our rank rewards for AQ.. we were in expert tier before this normal ****. Kabam said we would get our expert bracket rewards.. working as intended?


  • Cptnkillr_89Cptnkillr_89 Posts: 56
  • Bwest289Bwest289 Posts: 180
    Yep. We were expert tier and...ibsh2zfdw935.png
  • Alpha07Alpha07 Posts: 649 ★★
    Same... My ally is supposed to be in Advanced tier and we got these AWESOME rewards.

    come on I need the t4b I am supposed to get so I can r4 a 5* lol.
  • Darkstar4387Darkstar4387 Posts: 2,145 ★★★
    What a collosal screw up on their part, thanks for completing screwing us up in aq and screwing up our rewards.

    It's nowhere near what we usually get and didn't get our tier 4b fragments and half the glory but we're stuck with it .......

    You guys have a lot of work to do to make up for everything you've been doing and screwing up lately.
  • BrandoniusBrandonius Posts: 292
    Kabam will have to go through probably 35000 alliances and sort them into the correct tiers before they can give the corrected aq loot. This will take time. There are currently three gerbils and a Guinea pig with an abacus working on it.
  • KpatrixKpatrix Posts: 1,055 ★★★
    Too tired to complain, going to give them benefit of doubt one last time, I know it's going to take some work to fix it. Should just give everyone minimum top 300 for those who were in expert last week to speed it up. Reward the top 300 with 1st place prizes, 301-1000 as second tier and everyone else top 300 prizes. Show Goodwill.
  • Patchie93Patchie93 Posts: 1,898 ★★★★
    Since yall dont read other posts and like to make ao many on same topic
  • Darkstar4387Darkstar4387 Posts: 2,145 ★★★
    Patchie93 wrote: »
    Since yall dont read other posts and like to make ao many on same topic

    Thread was made before that, I did read that but again in general I think they have a lot to make up for the numerous issues this game has and this situation shouldn't have happened in the first place neither should all of the other ones going
  • ToridyToridy Posts: 10

    My ally used to play in advance bracket. Then we push this week and reach 21 mil. Guess what, since the advance bracket in the normal bracket, that barrier us to reach expert. Thanks kabam
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