Launching new Alliance Events, Alliance Quests, and Glory Store Updates


Thank you all for your patience as we’ve been working to resolve some of the issues that many of you have reported after updating to our 19.0 version. We are working diligently to find the cause of the problems that you have brought to our attention. Currently, we are running a closed Beta with our internal team, as well as a group of Summoners that have volunteered to help us test some possible resolutions to these issues. This beta on iOS is assisting us in gathering more information on the cause and symptoms of these issues. Resolving the issues reported on iOS is still our top priority and will update when we have new information.

While we are still going to hold the launch of the next season of our most competitive game mode (Alliance Wars), we want to let you all experience the new Peak Milestones system, Alliance Events, our new Alliance Quest changes, and our Glory Store Update. We’ll also be kicking this off with 30 minute timers for the first series of Alliance Quests with this new Peak Milestones system! We realize that these modes are still competitive, but are not at the same level as Alliance Wars Seasons.

To ensure these updates come online smoothly, we need all of our Summoners to be on the newest version. When we initially delayed the start of the newly announced Alliance Quests changes, Alliance Events, and Peak Milestones, it was because we did not want to force players that had not updated to the 19.0 version to update with a possible fix on the way. But since the release of 19.0 a week ago, over 92%+ of our Summoners have now updated to the latest release. We will be pushing the button to make the new version a requirement for all Summoners tomorrow (July 12), at around 11 am PST. This means if you want to avoid any possible loss of gameplay time, we suggest updating to the latest version of the game as soon as possible. Additionally, it’s important for us to get all of our Summoners on the latest build, as encountering new Champions or Content (like Wasp in Alliance Wars, or 19.0 Pym Canisters) can cause problems in game.

The Alliance Quest and Glory Store updates, and new Alliance Events will be live on Sunday, July 15th

Thank you all for your patience, Summoners!
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