Overall morale of the game

Guys I love playing this game, or at least I did. I’ve worked hard and always played the right way, never cheated, never piloted, or let anyone into my account. I have worked hard to become a great player in this game, I know my skills are good I can one shot expert map bosses, I have worked hard to obtain this skill, and I have spent some money along the way, I wouldn’t consider myself a whale, but I have spent my fair share.

My morale is shot. I come in playing everyday to help my teammates because 29 other rely on me. But it’s no longer fun, mainly because game play is so unpredictable. I’m still able to overcome most fights, but at this level getting hit can screw you over. Getting my block punched through, masteries not working correctly, this all costs me money to overcome. I don’t mind spending when I see value, but spending due to errors on your end makes me want to stop playing.

I know I’m just a drop in the bucket and losing me won’t hurt your bottom line. I understand that, I’m not going to yell or start a stink, but you really need to think about compensation beyond what you normally give out. It costs you nothing to give this stuff out, yet you try to do the minimal that you can. Some accept it, especially lesser players, but those who have been with you this long and worked so hard compensation you usually give means nothing. It’s practically worthless.

I would take no compensation if I felt the game would work correctly going forward, because I know my skill will carry me, but you need to take a deep look into how much people are spending to overcome your glitches. That’s not fair, and people are getting burnt out, I am as well. I still love this game when it acts right, but right now it’s more of a burden than an escape and no game should be that way.

If you would like to speak to me I will be happy to give constructive feedback in a positive manner. I don’t want to complain, I just want the best for me and all my friends I have made in this community.



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