Who should I awaken?

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I have 3 champs I believe are worthy enough for a generic awakening gem. Wolverine, Medusa, and Star lord. I could rank 5 wolverine probably in the next week or so, the other two are at least a couple of months away. My current R5's include Stark Spidey and OG Thor. Who should I awaken?ypczewc4knf4.png

Who should I awaken? 18 votes

SandeepSBlacksparkScrubkiller_1 3 votes
GroundedWisdomzuffySuper_Mitch_83shadow_lurker22Reaper213 5 votes
Star Lord
DL864RaganatorKozelDarkSpiderCoolsShtickRickAcuTarAV1PER1987AnthinhoRockypantherxAdityatheaawesom 10 votes


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    Any feedback from anyone who votes would also be appreciated. Thank you
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    Star Lord
    It’s a tough choice between SL and Wolverine. I think they would both get the most out of awakening. However I went with SL as it turns him into a god tier champ with his attack increase. Wolvie just gets additional regen with his sig. While unduped he can still regen so SL would be the better choice in my opinion.
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