**Mastery Loadouts**
Due to issues related to the release of Mastery Loadouts, the "free swap" period will be extended.
The new end date will be May 1st.

DOOM’S TEAM [DRVIC] wants YOU! Best for semiretired & climbers, ALL welcome!

Us - (keep in mind the following is with 23 members, with only 12 active in AQ (2 BGs) & only 10 active in AW (1 BG). We are looking to raise these numbers & activity across the board)
2.2 alli rating (members ratings from 11k to 729k)
1079 war rating (season 2 bronze 1; current 7x winning streak)
No minimums
No duels
No donations
AQ: 33322, working towards 33333 and eventually 55555.
Mature players that communicate and coordinate via Line app.
Easy going with no item use/spending required.
Mix of semiretired end gamers and climbers.

You -
Minimum 40k rating
Active DAILY
Not allergic to the Help button
Willing to help reach an alliance event milestone when it’s close, even if the required event isn’t “your thing”
Use Line app, or willing to get Line app BEFORE joining
Not asking what Line is, for me to walk you thru getting Line, or asking for an exception to getting Line or any other requirements

No sponges (only checks in once in a while to collect rewards, purposely wipes AQ/AW team in first fight, door sits or just makes a few token moves, follows another thru path or doubles path needlessly, disappears during attack phase, starts these doomed David VS Goliath fights you know they never had a chance, you know who you are) PLEASE. Been seeing too many of these lately and they get kicked before awards anyway so don’t waste our time or yours if this applies to you.

Contact me thru Line or in game for an invite, my user ID with Blade profile pic is the same: Ozymandas (leave out the “i” because “I” told ya too!


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    OzymandasOzymandas Posts: 80
    Still recruiting!
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    OzymandasOzymandas Posts: 80
    Alli rating up to 2.6mil, war rating up to 1200 without much change in number of members. This alliance is on the MOVE! Join NOW!
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