Rogue v Iceman, 5*

I’ve seen a few versions of this conversation, but usually involving 4* champs. I’m interested in the 5* versions.

With both Rogue and Iceman 5*, who should I rank up to R4? Neither is awakened.

Relatedly, if I stumble upon an awakening gem, who should I awaken?

Other potential (non-mutant) targets to awaken include Magik, Gwenpool, Red Hulk, Elektra, Doc Oc, or of course I recently pulled IP.


  • Panchulon21Panchulon21 Posts: 2,083 ★★★★★
    Iceman for his utility, I have rogue st 5/65 and she’s outstanding. But I didn’t have the luxury of an iceman. If you want regen abilities then rogue is your champ but her awakened ability makes her good. I steal between 1800 and 6k health. And can deplete a champ from 2 bars to none with a critical.

    But if you can take iceman to 4/55 he’s defonitely worth it cuz of the double immunity. But Rogue does shorten the duration of debuffs
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