Introducing: New Expert Class Catalyst Daily Quests

Greetings Summoners!

It’s been quite some time since you last saw the likes of the Expert Class Catalyst Daily Quests. We’ve taken our time to retool them, and now are ready to bring you all the new and improved Expert Class Daily Quests!

These new Daily Quests are now much more like the Daily Quests that we have now. Every day will feature a different class (the cycles matches the current Class cycle of Daily Quests), and Summoners can complete these Quests for Tier 4 Class Catalyst Fragments of the featured class.

There are only 2 paths per Quest, and each step will require 4 Energy. Full exploration of the quest will require 136 Energy. We’ve tuned down the difficulty from the previous iteration of these Quests, but they’re still a step up from the current Daily Quests, so don’t expect a walk in the park!

We’ve also bumped up the possible rewards from the last iteration. Completion of the Map will reward you with 400 T4 Class Catalyst Fragments, and Exploration will nab you another 1000 T4 Class Catalyst Fragments. Chests on the Easy path grant you 50 Fragments, while Chests on the Hard path will award 100 Fragments. Sorry Summoner, but you won’t be able to find any fully formed Catalysts here! These quests are meant to help contribute some extra Fragments towards a class that you want to build towards!

These new Expert Class Daily Quests make their premiere on Wednesday, July 18th and are here to stay! You’ll also need to be Level 35 in order to take part in the Quests!
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