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Looking for 2-3 players asap/before season starts. Details inside...

We’re a AQ map 5x5, 12+ million rated group who finished last season in gold 3. We are looking to move up naturally through talent and keep a good balance of fairness and winning with more of focus on AQ. We have goals and need just a few more sluggers with experience to join us and round everything out. We’re all adults and very respectful and kind in our group, have played a long time together and hope to find people to join us and find a home to stay with. A high level of activity is needed, but we also try to work with schedules and lives. We require donations to run the AQ map 5 week, and run war and quest fully at the same time, so great rosters are a plus. If any of this sounds up your alley, we would love to talk more and see if you’re a fit. You can message either Nick Caine or DodgeX on the Line app as we use it for all communication. Hope to hear from you soon!

Also, have a few new members who came down from higher alliances who were burnt out during the last season. We are NOT a pay to win group. We will do everything in our control to advance and get good rewards in war, but we are not going to boot you if you die. We are working to grow naturally and would love to find members from higher groups who want to stay active and get rewards with a little less stress.
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