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Looking for active Alliance

Msg me on line blaker029
Looking for a high level active alliance with cool people and minimums for all events (except duels who cares about those bull**** rewards lol ) I would like arena minimums as I play arena and would be nice if enough people did it to get all rewards and would like AW gold 1 if possible I grind alot have only been playing a little more then 1 year and am at 300k rating already. My prestige isn't verry high (4600ish) as I have no R4s yet. I have 9 T2A but none of my 5* are really worth R4. I am uncollected and done RoL ovj6lhqst17a.png


  • Gale74Gale74 Posts: 46
  • Gale74Gale74 Posts: 46
    We are that group you’re looking for .

  • McStacheMcStache Posts: 43
    currently 11m ally losing 5 accounts because people need a break from the game. we run 5x5 and finished last season in gold 2 because we ran 2x 3bg wars and 1x 2bg war. This season pushing for plat3/gold1 running 3bg three times a week. Always hit 6-20% SA or better without trying. Hmu on line: mrstache
  • CappyCappy Posts: 132
    AA4* Adrenalin Arc 4 is an 13m Alliance, we run AQ 5x5 110M avg, and AW Gold 2

    GroupMe used for communication

    SA hit weekly, mins only for completion

    Add me in game if interested cappyismyhomie or on line

    *AA4* is a part of the Adrenalin Arc group of alliances
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