Price of the third purchase of T4B fragments in Glory store

I bought 2 fragments and the price was much lower than it used to be. If I want make a third purchase, it goes for 578 glory. That is a huge jump up from the amount it cost me for the second purchase. Also, the third purchase used to cost 540 so why has the price increased in this instance when glory prices are now supposed to be decreased?


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    shashankchromeshashankchrome Posts: 84
    I knowww! I haven't yet read discussions about this and I've searched.
    I've even made comments about it but they are 'waiting for approval'.

    Anyways, T4BC prices are increased in the new Glory Store. Just the first complete T4BC is cheaper to buy as compared to the early cost, but after that every instance of purchasing T4BC will be more expensive than before.

    I personally do NOT like this decision. The higher amount of gllry rewarded would be nullified if they have increased the cost of buying something that every mid level player purchases a lot.
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    hope4tghope4tg Posts: 149
    Exactly I used to be able to buy five 18000 t4b fragments for ~2800 glory but now it is ~3000 . 200 glory is not a big deal but I don't understand how are we supposed to progress in the game when it should be getting easier to obtain these items as time pass by but it seems like they are making it harder.

    Can anybody check if the t1a consecutive prices also increased as well?
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    RajutedaRajuteda Posts: 565 ★★
    Why increase prices for consecutive purchases is beyond me? If we rank up champs faster, dosent mean we stop playing sooner!!

    Kabam's mentality is too insecure
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    SagetrofholzSagetrofholz Posts: 125
    This is ridiculous I'm bumping this back to the top
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    Rich_RyderRich_Ryder Posts: 238
    edited July 2018
    It is a helpful curve for newer players. This whole issue has been discussed and answered in the forums already. The relative increase in cost for people who gain enough to buy 3-5 fragments is more than offset by the large increase in Glory rewards you are now receiving. For players who are earning a lot less Glory having the 1st few cheaper really helps
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    sam1234sam1234 Posts: 1
    Hi doc ock I'm a fan in champions can you go easy on me please I'm cow tales
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    TyEdgeTyEdge Posts: 2,965 ★★★★★
    3 purchases now cost less than 3 did a month ago, even if the third is expensive. You also just got an extra 30-35% glory with the other changes. It rewards consistency and planning.
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