4.5 mill alliance rebuilding, open to merge as well

We have had a small exodus lately and are in the need to rebuild but also looking to possibly merge

We are a 4.5 mill alliance that is pretty easy-going.
We run Map 3 in AQ, with Map 4 experience. We don't focus on AW, but will run if/when time permits. We don't require Line, but a few members have used it in the past.



  • MyleHy7MyleHy7 Posts: 129
    Hello there! We are in a similar situation it would seem.
    We have 11 here that are left from a mass summertime exodus and we cut off some sponges. We do use LINE as our primary source for communication.
    I am mylehy7 on LINE AND MyleHy7 InGame
  • BrradburyBrradbury Posts: 62
    My line id is brradbury, we can use a bg joining, we run map5x3-4 for now, but would like to steady it at 5x4 and war a lot. Hit me up in line chat and we can talk.
  • SabrefencerSabrefencer Posts: 1,433 ★★★
    Unfortunately I do not have Line. I used it briefly when I joined another alliance for a brief time and did not like using it as it made me feel like I could never be away from the game. We are too laid-back of a group to want to require anything.

    Ultimately what we are looking for is to be able to run 3 BGs in AQ on map 3 or 4. Also to run the occassional AW with 2 groups, since some people don't always like non-stop AW (or might have their champs locked in quests).
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