Time to revert back to previous version (18.0)

Dear @Ad0ra_ ,

I'm directing this request to you since you seem to be better at keeping a dialogue with community (ie, customers) without locking their thread, issuing sharp warnings, ie: censoring them. Hear me out.

It has been 11 days since the heating issue appeared and I understand that this turned out to be a hard bug to kill, but it's time to revert everyone back to previous version, enable new content and keep the game going on for the community while you work on the issues.

Now, I'm not an IOS player but many people in my alliance are and it hurts us in any game event since they can't participate properly.

I'm not asking compensation or blaming you on the inability to solve this issue in almost two weeks. I'm asking you to make the game playable again until you work it out.


  • IcsGrecIcsGrec Posts: 839 ★★★
    If reverting would have been an option, it should have been done 2 weeks ago, not now.
    Reverting the patch at this point means EVERYTHING that EVERYONE has done during the past 2 weeks would be erased.
    This means AQ, AW, EQ, Story, Arenas, Pulls, Rank ups, etc etc.
    Doing this would not help the game in any way right now.
  • AngelicsignAngelicsign Posts: 391 ★★
    Monthly event quest obviously is the main reason disallowing them to revert to V18.

    The developers did not split the monthly content release with patches release, so now their backyard is on fire (and we are the fishes in the pond at the backyard)
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 25,769 ★★★★★
    It's not possible, for a number of reasons. If that was on the table, we would be on 18.0 now.
  • UrrymonsterUrrymonster Posts: 67
    They should have multiple branches of code on any development server... this game is too sophisticated for multiple people to work on it at the same time but in different things without it. So it should be possible and one of the bug idenfication processes they should be following is to revert each item until the problem no longer exists.
  • Ol_BarceOl_Barce Posts: 42
    When are they going to give us some new information on the overheating issue? saying they have a beta started then disappearing isn't an answer.
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