9 million alliance looking for two players around 4600 prestige..

Top 600 in AQ and tier 2-3 in AW.. no event min requirements.. AQ is our first priority and AW is our second... Looking for an active player.. planning to start doing map 6 soon so as to get into top 300.. interested people message me in game..

In game ID - Roy505


  • roy505roy505 Posts: 90
    Looking for one more player..
  • roy505roy505 Posts: 90
    Looking for one more again.. our current prestige has gone up to 4600+... New guys joining should be open to doing map 6
  • roy505roy505 Posts: 90
    Still looking for one more guy.. finding a guy in the range of 4.5k prestige is getting hard now a days.. message me in game - Roy505
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