SGA-V part of the Slycem Gaming Alliance recruiting 5.5k prestige and up

The Slycem Gaming Alliance (SGA) family is looking for active dedicated members to help build up a new branch of SGA. SGA-V needs good loyal active players with a prestige of 5.5k minimum. We are currently 12mil building up to running consistent map 5 and possibly some map 6 in AQ, running Map 4 right now, and are setting our sights on platinum in AW with the right people it won't take long so having experience in at least gold 1 is a plus. Whether your a skilled veteran that wants to help build a great alliance or a lower rated player still perfecting your skills, this is a prime opportunity you don't want to miss to get your foot into the door with the family and always have the potential of moving up within the SGA alliances.
Recap of what we are looking for:
1. 5.5k prestige (can work with lower if the skill is there).
2. Map 5 or 6 experience (helpful)
3. Gold 1 tier AW experience (helpful)
4. Active and loyal
5. The desire to help build an alliance to greatness.

If interested contact myself Venomous_intent, or TheLastSpartan in game or on line. Or add any officer in game.


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    VenomousintentVenomousintent Posts: 128
    Still looking
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    My alliance finished top 20 in gold 1 last season. I’m looking to break into platinum and maybe progress through your other higher tiers of possible. 2R5 5*s prestige is 7110. Will be higher if we ever get to rank down 5*s again. My only choice for the longest was SL. The other is SS.
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    VenomousintentVenomousintent Posts: 128
    @TrashPandaExpress are you looking for an alliance?
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    SaintsSaints Posts: 3
    I’ve messaged you Venomous_intent
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    VenomousintentVenomousintent Posts: 128
    Still looking for some good active members
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