The "NEW" prize delivery system

xoRIVALoxxoRIVALox Posts: 247
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Not a fan at all of collecting prizes only after event is finished

With the trend of alliances being kick happy lately, you could be the best performer in every event and never ever see a prize.

If we want to combat alliance jumpers, make minimums to collect prizes whether it's % of rank score or % of alliance score

You guys have made the game now so reliant on alliances, yet seem to have forgotten the trigger happy immaturity of most players on this game. While alliances get rewarded, individuals are continually being punished


  • AchzrineAchzrine Posts: 13
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    I agree peakmile stones are a great addition
  • xoRIVALoxxoRIVALox Posts: 247
    edited July 2018
    Finding a great alliance is wonderful, if you have however put any amount of time into this game. You would know by now that the majority of players are both immature, and petty.

    Freezing prize pools until time runs out on the event.. Mmmmmm
  • I think the peak milestone system is great... Best addition to the game so far for teammate participation
  • KidKrushergaminKidKrushergamin Posts: 18
    I have played this game since almost the launch of it and this is a pretty good step up from before. It is nice that you still get rewards even if you don't hit rank rewards.

    I agree it is pretty hard to get into a good alliance, especially one that fits well for you.

    Jesus bless
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