3M Alliance Looking for a few active members

Alliance Information

Name: Cannon Fuse [Fuse7]
AQ: We gravitate between map 3,4 and 5. Always clear BG1 and sometimes BG.
AW: Very strategic and well organized, normally we beat alliances higher than ours. Currently we are in Tier 9 and run two battle groups.
SA: bi-weekly, save one week and upgrade/open crystals next week
Duels: 650 required
3 day events: Usually we reach the Tier 1 Alpha
Communication: everything is done on Line App
Donations: weekly, no minimum required, everyone gives what they have and feel they can
Arena: grinding is not required

We are a well organized group of players looking to expand and run our third battle group. You can see the information about our alliance above.

What we require above all is communication, good attitude and team play. Would prefer 80k+ but new players are also welcome, we are willing to help progressing.

If this sounds like you then contact me in Line - Sakkban


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