Looking for something laid back....


Looking for a good group, I play every day but do have a full time job, nothing too serious but I’m needing some T4s


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    HattinHattin Posts: 61
    Hey, we got a great chill alliance, 5.5mil silver 1, hit me up on line and we can chat about it, my ID is Hattin99
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    Metal_DaddyMetal_Daddy Posts: 33
    I think you’d be a great addition to my alliance. I’ll send you an invite
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    Cross__HawkCross__Hawk Posts: 126
    Invited you,
    Alliance The New Team
    Alliance tag : TNTRO
    My line id: Cross_Hawk
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    I think I might have a home for you. Message me on line ZwobniarLSD
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    ras96stras96st Posts: 26
    Laid back but active alliance running AQ 35533 (to keep donations down) and AW ~twice a week. Donations are 54k/12k/5k gold/chips/loyalty. Silver 2 last season.

    Minimum Requirements
    Level 50 / 250k PI / Line id

    Contact me on line if interested. Id ras96st.
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