Looking for a South East Asian Alliance

My IGN is Myrandi.
Looking for an active South East Asian Alliance that is focused on AQ.
Looking to play Map 5 x 5.
Not so bothered about war.


  • Joe_vj76Joe_vj76 Posts: 30
  • ElkalläElkallä Posts: 72
    Hey man, we would be glad to have you!
    We run map 4 and 5 in AQ, but map 4 is easy for us so soon we will do only map 5.
    We run AW too, but you don't have to participate and you can leave your seat for another player, no problem.
    What do you think about joining us?
    Add me on line (id: elkalla) if you are interested :)
  • Joe_vj76Joe_vj76 Posts: 30
    Thank you for the reply but I have already found an alliance.
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