War rating reduction/Account overlapping

My alliance was recently given a war reduction. I sent in a ticket trying to get clarity on the matter to no result. I myself run 3 different accounts. 2 are fulltime and 1 is an AQ and war filler when needed. When you alll announced the piloting bans you clearly stated that a person could have multiple accounts and use multiple devices. We've had the same core players for over 2 months with no issues and no a ratings reduction. Some alliances have high standards and accusing a group of cheating without at least informing the leader of the culprit not only causes chaos but also leaves us with no way of holding anyone accountable.

Secondly, over the past month of so ive had issues of my accounts showing the wrong information i.e. showing the help requested of my other accounts, wrong avatars and a few times the wrong energy amount. This was never an issue until recently. I really hope this bug in b your app isnt incorrectly penalizing myself as well as my mates.
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