How do card subscriptions work?

I noticed more than once now that I always fall short of the last reward on any card I purchase.

Let's say I subscribe to a signature stone card. It gives n days of daily rewards.

On the n-1 day, i can see I have 1 last day of rewards, I can only claim the reward at midday, new zealand (have in mind that you would need to have the timezone in mind, as we are one day in the future).

But whenever I need to claim the last reward, the card is gone, and no items were added to my stash or inventory. I noticed this before with other cards, but wasn't sure. This time I can say it really happened.

It also doesn't happen to all the subscriptions, I didn't lose days on the energy card (7 days only).

As a side note, I also seemed to lose the last day of the pym canisters (calendar). It just disappeared.

Now, I know this game has crazy reset times for things, and I am not sure if this is related to one of those things (as the calendar also resets at midday for me).

I opened a support ticket but they told me I don't have a current subscription right now, that I should tell them in the middle of the time period, which is not appropiate to my problem.

So how does it work? Because I am pretty sure I am going to find out this is my fault, or that I should subtract one day of any card.

Side note: The other calendars work fine (grandmaster and monthly), it was just the pym calendar that disappeared before the last reward.
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