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We are adding rewards to higher progression brackets to offset the additional grind.
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Ms_ID_ error [Merged Threads]

NoTaxTeaNoTaxTea Posts: 84
edited November 2018 in Bugs and Known Issues

**MOD EDIT**We are still looking into this issue with the text on some items in game. If the problem is persistent, in the meantime, please try uninstalling and reinstalling the game as a potential solution. Apologies for the confusion and thank you again for your patience as we look into this.
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    Sud7Sud7 Posts: 20
    Please check this out.
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    NoOnexRONoOnexRO Posts: 339 ★★★
    Did you changed the LANGUAGE to other than English?
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    Kabam PorthosKabam Porthos Posts: 4,676
    Hey Sud7, I apologize for any confusion or frustration this may have caused!

    I may be wrong but at first glance, this appears to be a display issue which is causing some of the game's coding language to be shown onscreen. Obviously, it is not intended to appear like that, so please try the following steps to try and correct it:

    - Perform a force-restart of the app
    - If still present, please uninstall and reinstall the app

    If the issue is still not resolved after having took these steps, please respond here by providing following information so we can look into this further for you:

    - Device make and model
    - Device Operating System (OS) and version number
    - Carrier name/ Service Provider (if applicable)
    - Have you tried accessing the game on an alternative device, and if so, was this issue present there also or does it seem to be on just the one device?
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    Dean9300450Dean9300450 Posts: 85
    Do you have developer option on, on your device, if than turn it off
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    GorofaizGorofaiz Posts: 56
    I have this problem too...

    iPad Pro 10.5”
    iOS 11.4
    Game v19.0

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    KpatrixKpatrix Posts: 1,055 ★★★
    Same thing is showing up on the synergy screens for me when I'm choosing teams in arena for the 8-9 matches I get before the app shuts down.

    This whole update is really affecting players negatively. I can't grind for chips or anything, and I keep getting a black column passing across the screen during fights. We really need a fix on this, it's impossible to quest or do arena for any thing more than 15-20 minutes at a time.
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    Rko_gabruRko_gabru Posts: 4
    Hi Kabam,

    This issue is fixed itself without following any step, however it does appear again at infrequent intervals of game play

    Could you please check . I am using Xiaomi Redmi 4, Android 7.1.2, and I use wi-fi to play the game
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    sonic1847sonic1847 Posts: 0
    is anyone having same issue. game showing titles in codes or something?
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    Rko_gabruRko_gabru Posts: 4
    I have reinstalled and force stop the game as well.........but it didn't work.
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    mydnightmydnight Posts: 671 ★★★

    Xiaomi pad 1 and 3.

    Any way to fix this? It makes game play very annoying.
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    Esketit420Esketit420 Posts: 58
    Yes, also happening to me. I play on an IPhone 6+ and I’ve restarted the app, reinstalled, restarted my phone. And nothing happens. Please fix this. @Kabam Wolf
    @Kabam Wolf @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Ahab

    Iphone 6+
    IOS 11.4.1
    AT&T service provider
    No I have not accesed on a different device
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    johnwho63johnwho63 Posts: 56
    Xiaomi Redmi 4 prime
    Android 6.0.1
    OTEnet S.A.
    I have tried from another Android device too and i am facing the same issue

    The issue appears when i am using wifi but i have no UI problems when i use data.
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    jigneshjignesh Posts: 2
    I have a this problem to.....
    Please help me...
    Xiomi redmi note 5 pro
    Internet connection
    Android version 8.1 Oreo
    Game version 19.0
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    jigneshjignesh Posts: 2
    Please help.........
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    IJsmutsIJsmuts Posts: 107
    Same here, samsung s9



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    Evil_DevilEvil_Devil Posts: 57
    The same annoying problem
    Samsung S7
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    Just wanted to bring this little error to Kabam's attention. Keep up the great work and thanks!

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    Kabam LyraKabam Lyra Posts: 2,936 ★★★

    Could we get a little more information from you about this issue?

    Does this happen on Wifi or Cellular data or both? Is it like this all the time or does it sometimes go back to being correct text? What game version are you using?

    Also, if you haven't already, you may try uninstalling and reinstalling to see if that helps. Thanks!
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    NoTaxTeaNoTaxTea Posts: 84
    It's WiFi, most updated version, only bout 1/3 of the times , it doesn't necessarily effect gameplay, loading,no lagging, it goes back to normal randomly
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    Epsilon3Epsilon3 Posts: 1,138 ★★★
    Just providing a little screenshot of me fighting Red Skull in the… “epic” Level cinema event

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    BapoiBapoi Posts: 995 ★★★
    Internet destroyed my mind....

    I read a slightly different title to this thread..
    But it’s a known issue, though don’t know when it’ll be sorted. Soon hopefully.
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    TheSquish671TheSquish671 Posts: 2,880 ★★★★★
    5 hits with a 6* king groot and not even 50% gone??
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    AKTEKAKTEK Posts: 308 ★★
    Epsilon3 wrote: »
    Just providing a little screenshot of me fighting Red Skull in the… “epic” Level cinema event

    Restart game it will solve.
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    Epsilon3Epsilon3 Posts: 1,138 ★★★
    5 hits with a 6* king groot and not even 50% gone??

    KG is a long term fighter. Regen (when Duped) plus 10 stackable permenant Armor Plus fury and then poison breath means he’s a slow and reliable hitter. I like him and as a 6* it’s a free 4/55 KG with a less effective regen
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    Willa08Willa08 Posts: 43
    See screenshots attached. Whatever this bug is, its causing my game to lag and bomb out the whole time. not making me happy.qxa3gpv0vrqp.png
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    dparmdparm Posts: 109
    Seeing this on a "dungeon invite" button when I click a user's name now.
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    SknZnSknZn Posts: 442 ★★★
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    imaginejimimaginejim Posts: 333 ★★
    Could you be.... more specific???
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