Temporary trading system?

So with the new Cinematic GP thing, It has come to my attention that we need specific champs to open certain gates. Seen as we don't have some of these champs, we are gonna have to rely solely on the quickmatch 2* crystals in order to get our exploration rewards. This puts our exploration of the quests into the hands of the RNG god.

Enter the trading system. With it, we'd be able to obtain the champs that we would have to rely on quickmatch to obtain. We'd be able to receive the champs we need and give others the champs they need.

Now, this would only be temporary, as I have seen previous trading threads where the primary concern was easy exploitation. I'd say there could be some sort of moderate protection, enough to keep some thief stumped long enough for the event to expire. That's why this would be temporary. It wouldn't be up long enough for hackers to exploit.

I'm kinda not that deep into the whole online protection thing, so that's probably not how that works.
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