Looking for Gold 1 with 2 BG only


^^^ That's the reason I am looking for 2 battle groups only.

I am a 7,500 super active prestige player. Can clear any path on aq/aw. The problem is that I am going on vacation on August 23rd(Thursday) and I am back on August 28th(Tuesday).
During those days I can only manage to log in for daily rewards, place defenders if needed, but definitely can not commit to be a source of reliable help on offense or anything map 5 or more on aq.
Which is the reason I am leaving my current alliance.

I'm hoping for a gold 1, alliance with 2 battle groups or map3 on aq. I dont know...
I just want to be able to collect some AW season rewards without slowing down a group of people.

Please post your line ID here if you think there is room for me in your merry group.


  • Goken2345Goken2345 Posts: 589 ★★
    Add me on LINE. We can work around you being absent for that week.
  • TgtalexTgtalex Posts: 44
    LIne ID Tgtalex
    We let people have a life.
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