Need 2 skilled Warmongers for Season 3 - WE WILL HAVE 5+ MORE AWs DURING THE SEASON TO GAIN REWARDS

Who are we?

Tiny TiM! Don't be fooled; we are the mightiest of the tiniest! The perfect combo of Cable's guns, Deadpool's humor, and Gwenpool's looks! Building our war strategy from historical documentaries such as: Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, Big Trouble in Little China, and Beverly Hills Ninja! We began as the little sister/brother alliance of This is Mutanty!, and we have built ourselves into a competitive little sibling.

-Alliance War-

⦁ Highly organized, attack leads, defense leads
⦁ Tier 4
⦁ War rated 1913 and rising
⦁ Assigned paths
⦁ 2 wars per week (2 BG AWs)

-Alliance Quest-

⦁ Map schedule 4-4-5-4-4
⦁ 3 BG AQs

We are an adult alliance comprised of players with full-time careers, families, maybe other hobbies (yet to confirm), so we are understanding of balancing alliance and individual needs. There is room for flexibility in our ally.

⦁ Skilled players actively progressing with a team attitude
⦁ Community members

I am currently searching 2 skilled players to compete at our level of Alliance War - strong defense, strong attack, Level 60, skilled players. We have advanced our ally together as a team, accomplishing everything together. We equally contribute because we value everyone's time and commitment to our alliance. We have multiple groups of people in our alliance who have gamed together through multiple games over many years. This is a great, progressive community.

If you are are searching for a true community of friends who compete together as a team to progress, consider us first.

Grow with us, or help us grow!

-Additional Information-

⦁ LINE required: 3-4 channels: training, battle group(s), main/general
⦁ Participate in Alliance Events as able
⦁ 12 million alliance and growing steadily
⦁ Weekly SA rewards - no lines, no holding.

Message Heddarta (Heddy) a sticker on LINE. Alliance Tag: tTiM! Choose your sticker wisely.


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