Wow Great Result After Maintenance

3 War fights After Maintenance 3 Bugs

- Astral Evade from Mordo suffering on my third Hit in a combo with SL. Of course he wasnt stuned at all

- Kingpin parries my Iceman after the third Hit in a combo. Just MLL Parry, no delay or anything on myside

- Ultron autoevades on 2 consecutive hits. And no there were no 7 Second between those 2 Hits.

So great work again Kabam. Thanks a lot. 🙈


  • KarakanliKarakanli Posts: 79
    Ok thank you
  • KarakanliKarakanli Posts: 79
    Aditionally some Infos for the Investigation

    KP was on node 33
    Mordo on Node 40

    War Tier 6
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