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Feedback on Iron Man infinity War

So after fighting Iron Man infinity war a couple of times I got really frustrated so I thought i might aswell give some constructive feedback. I'll try to make this a bit funny and entertaining.

Let's start
How I imagine kabam designed the abilities:

Pers 1: Let's make an iron man that consumes Armour up buffs to autoblock/parry!
Pers 2: Good idea but it will be too easy to fight him, as you could just fight him quite effectivly with some of the champions we already have in the game.
Pers 3: I got an Idea! Let's simply make the armour ups passives so you can't just use nullify champions.
Pers 2: Yeah and if the armour ups are passives he can still gain them even if his armour is shattered by medusa!
Pers 3: He would still be too easy let's give his armour ups insane crit resistance and armour so you can't actually deal damage lol.
Pers 2: We gotta change his special attacks aswell so they are actually a bit hard to evade but definitly make them not punishable, otherwise people could just use killmonger.
Pers 3: Oh and we should definitly make it harder to parry him!
Pers 2: Right let's just make his medium attack energy/projectile based.
Pers 3: So that all should just be his basic abilities what do we give him as dupe ability?
Pers 2: To keep the iron man style we should make him even harder to fighit when he is below 15% health.
Pers 3: Give him a strong constant power gain while below 15%.
Pers 2: Nah not enough, make his autoblock not consume any armour ups when below 15% aswell and add some damage over time effect to his Special 3, but none a lot of champions are immune to!
Pers 1: Wouldn't that all make the champion too strong as a defender?
Pers 2: Well making the AW nodes harder didn't do anything, people still get 100% exploration so we gotta powercreep all the OP champions!
Pers 1: Right, but if we make his armour ups passives shouldn't we think about any possible interactions with AW nodes, as passives are usually reserved for nodes?
Pers 3: Nah our beta testers are gonna find out about that stuff LOL.
Pers 2: "beta testers" ROFL

To sum it up, don't just make more OP defenders, it's pretty much the same story with Domino. Why should we not be able to achieve 100% in AW?

Anyway thanks for reading, i know no one gives a **** about what I have to say but sometimes i just get too frustrated.


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