5* Basic Arena?

Back when Killmonger was the Featured Arenachampion Kabam started the 5* Featured Arena.
I know we never had an official statement about a basic 5* arena but allot of us players thought that if Killmonger is back as the basic champion Kabam would introduce the Basic 5* Arena.
The fact that 6* champs slowly take over in the higher ranks and among the big spenders with the fact that 4* champs get less and less attention in addition to the increase in t1a/t4b catalysts I had the feeling kabam would take the step to give players an option to battle for a chance to increase the 5* roster.
I didnt expect 10% cutoffs, rather 5% or even top 800/1000 players to get the basic awarded, allot of us players can grind arena for the 4* champs but lack the units/money or roster to reach the 40ish mio to get a featured 5* top 150 rating.
On the other hand we could try top 150 for the older ones with around 20-25mio points but those are often in the basic pool for a long time so the chance its not a dupe and with that no new body for the arenagrind are slim. Every month increases the gap between the whales and the guys not able or willing to spend pilles of cash on fgmc or refreshes.
Please Kabam, start the basic 5* arena soon. If you dont want to create a new arena then do it like pre 12.0 with the 4* awarding the top 150 the featured 5* and the top 5% the basic 5* champ. The participation in the 5* featured could use a boost anyway.


  • Austin555555Austin555555 Posts: 2,026 ★★★★
    It’s a nice idea. I hope this becomes real because I will grind for more 5*s
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