Rank up advice

Am fairly new to the game but just completed act 3 exploration and almost done with heroic exploration.
I was hoping to get some info on who to rank up for act 4 between taskmaster or elektra and ultron or nebula.


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    winterthurwinterthur Posts: 7,902 ★★★★★
    At this stage, I recommend Ultron. He is bleed immune and able to regen at least twice. Has evade too.

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    UlysseOdysseus75UlysseOdysseus75 Posts: 188
    Taskmaster is a littl bit tricky to play so better start with Ultron
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    AnkalagonnAnkalagonn Posts: 535 ★★
    Agree with Ultron. Immune to poison and bleed, plus the regen he has, might save you a health potions if you know how to play with him.
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    MkaliwaoMkaliwao Posts: 73
    Okay thanks
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