Games not fixed!

Joined game for fifteen minutes chat not working and phone got extremely hot and dropped 30% battery life in fifteen minutes... what’s the deal?


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    Welcome to MCOC v19!!!!

    It’s been going on a good bit
  • Myxkidz77Myxkidz77 Posts: 74
    Two years and second phone for me. I’m about to go to California n show up at their front door! This is beyond aggravating to spend as much as I’ve spemt to overcome the games flaws in past three years! I want an apology from the big dogs! The shot callers!
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    If you'd like to report performance issues specifically with the game, please contribute your details to one of our dedicated threads about the topic using the template provided. This will help keep the forums organized and make sure we gather important information about the issue. Thanks!

    Thread for iOS 19.1 Performance Issues

    Thread for Android 19.1 Performance Issues
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