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Why do you all have these champions so op you juice up their attack you juice up their defense then you give them regeneration and you can barely apply a debuff to them. It's really unnecessary considering everyone is not going to spend money on this game just to get by I mean make it challenging but not to the point where people spend their whole life savings on it. I've been stuck in this storm chapter for months parry and evade doesn't even work hardly at first I thought it was me but when I'm in war and quest or arenas I can parry evade with ease. And the block damage is also ridiculous SMFH why am I taking so much block damage as if I wasn't blocking at all SMFH something has to give this game use to be fun but now it's to many issues going on and nothing's been done about it


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    5.2.4 right? Wait till you burn out in 5.3.or ultron smashes you in 5.4.
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    5.2.4 was the worst for me after the ultron in 5.4. Just save up a lot of units and revives
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    Wow please don't tell me that🤣
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    Act 5 requires you to rethink regular fighting.
    In that respect it’s a great act. You’ll be wanting different champs on different paths, bring classes that work for that specific quest (5.3) or suck up the fact that you’re fighting with 50% less attack.
    From the whole of act 5 though, 5.3 felt the worst. It took forever to get through.

    Think and plan ahead, and you won’t need to spend. Save up revives, save up heals by bashing WS repeatedly in RoL, and have at it.
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    Thanks for the advice it have me a little hope
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    Act 5.2.4 is the toughest segment of all acts (personal opinion).

    5.4 was a breeze by comparison.

    I did have a much weaker roster for 5.2.4 at the time but everything about it made me rage whilst completing it.

    Once you’ve pushed through it then you’re on easy street (until you have to 100% it).

    I highly, highly recommend pushing through an initial clear of 5.2.4, the complete the rest of 5.2 for a once over.

    Complete 5.3 100%, then 5.4 100% and then go back and do 5.2 100%.
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    Would taking Hawkeye to rank 4 help me complete 5.3 and 5.4?
    My only 2 rank 4 are SL and MODOK and 6* cable.
    My 5* are pretty horrendous
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    I personally wouldn’t take up hawkeye for any of act 5.

    Jokes aside but King Groot is a beast for act 5.3. Ignore people’s jokes about him.

    Once awakened he can do 4-5 lanes out of every section almost solo. It takes forever but saves a lot of pots.
  • I found act 5.4 is pretty easy, except ultron but it was not my problem. I spent less than 1k5 unit to fully explore the whole 5.4 (mostly spent for refill). 5.3 in my opinion is not hard, I only used 5 team revives when doing 100% 5.3.
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