Tier 2 - 5x5 T4CC - Looking for 3 new members

R4GER4GE Posts: 1,530 ★★★★
Alliance: No X-cuses
Tag: ÑøX

After our current war ends we will be looking to replace 3 members who are stepping away for something less competitive. We need 3 skilled/experienced players who are flexible with lane assignments and able to handle more than just path 2, minimal deaths is expected. Must also have a solid defensive roster, no 4 stars. If you can handle node 29 then you should have no issues getting on board.

We are tier 2 and currently in plat 3, needing to make a strong push for plat2+. AQ we are top 200 with 5x5, so we prefer 7.2k prestige players.

If interested or wanting more info then join our recruit chat by clicking the link: line.me/ti/g/hOyW4-f1bW


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