Gold issues ?

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It's been months now with lack of gold which is in-game biggest issue cus of ranking up 5* 6* they need tons of gold to level ups specially who doesn't play arena or fed up with arena and kabam haven't updates any gold releam quests yet, I know some having BG fans here who stuck in arena 24/7 without having real life, or some end of game players can be good with gold but we are growing up and without gold it's not possible for growing up faster players

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Gold issues ? 27 votes

Kabam should launch gold of releam quest again
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Kabam doesn't care growing up players
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No I am fine with gold without playing arena
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  • If you want to evolve in the game, you have to sacrifice your time. Just play like anyone, play the arena and you won't have gold problems.
    I rank up champions every time the lvl up event comes around. My gold is not reducing a bit, and is increasing everytime
  • No I am fine with gold without playing arena
    I just ranked up a 6* to level 25 and a 5* to R4/55 and I’m still sitting on 1.7 million gold. It’s not that hard but they could still throw in a gold realm now and then
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    Gold is an issue that needs to be addressed. Kabam are aware there is a problem that is why they are exploiting it. If your not having problems yourself you are either spending money, playing the majority of your day or not at a point in the game where it affects you.
    If they continue to treat it as valuable as this then they should up certain pay outs. Duping a champ should award a lot more gold depending on star rating and I'm talking 100k min for a 5*. Completing daily quests should reward more and especially special quest like monthly events, they should have big gold rewards on top of current or improved rewards. Even arena should have better gold rewards dependant on the milestone achieved
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    Kabam should launch gold of releam quest again
    I don’t even have 100k gold. I seriously need gold realms. I don’t have the time to grind arena for a while
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    No I am fine with gold without playing arena
    Get in arena when you start the game. You'll be fine.
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    No I am fine with gold without playing arena
    My vote is only there because of lack of options. Here is how I really feel.

    I don't do arena much, maybe hit rank rewards in one of the top 3 arenas once every 2 weeks. One rank reward over 2 weeks for arenas, because I just find it tedious. I am a 370k player with resources to blow, minus gold. Got two t2a in stash, and 4 t4cc I won't open cause I have 12 cosmic.

    That being said, I'm not going to whine about not having gold. At the rate I run, I simply have to be selective on who I rank. For example, I have about 250k gold right now. I have a 5* stark spidey at rank 3. When I have gold, I'll rank 4 him, but I'm getting along just fine with him at rank 3.

    The game is meant to be a grind, and it only gets worse the higher you get. What I do is embrace the grind and enjoy the work, knowing I won't be one of those guys with 5 maxed 5* and 4 6* already. I'm playing at my pace, and it works for me because of my skill. When I begin to get outmatched, then I'll have a problem, but it hasn't happened yet and I don't see it happening soon.
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